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Posted on 05/10/2018

The Eastern-Strait Connector Program

The Eastern-Strait Region announced earlier this summer the launch of the ESREN Connector Program. The Eastern-Strait Connector Program, a partnership with the National Connector Program grows networks and addresses workforce needs by connecting young emerging professionals with established professionals in the Eastern-Strait area.

The concept is simple. The Connector Program matches Connectors with Connectees based on industry experience and professional backgrounds. Closely modeled after the Halifax Connector Program which began nearly a decade ago and is now replicated all across Canada, the ESREN Connector Program will use an online platform to connect young emerging professionals, local and international graduates, and skill professionals with established professionals, business-owners, and community leaders in some of the regions high-demand industries, including trades, healthcare, finance, engineering, and technology.

The impact of the program is outstanding- To date, the Connector Program has engaged 3400 Connectors with 5000 Connectees, resulting in more than 1800 jobs found by program participants. And that number continues to grow every year. Through the program, emerging professionals (Connectee)who have valuable skills and professional experience but lacks an extensive professional networkwill be matched with a Eastern-Strait (Connector) in their field of interest- increasing their likelihood of beginning a career in our region.

The Connector Program will benefit Eastern-Strait region and newcomers alike by facilitating intercultural communication and creating personal connections based on both shared interests and community members desire to make Eastern Nova Scotia a more welcoming and connected city.

ESREN - Connector Program

Premier McNeil announced the province will provide $100,000 towards the program which is delivered by ESREN. The Connector Program has been up and going in other parts of the province; including Western region, Annapolis Valley, Halifax and Cape Breton.

McNeil said “through programs like this, weve had higher in-migration than out-migration and weve seen more young people stay than leave, thats a positive sign.” He also stated that for “programs like this to work it really takes a community buy-in.” McNeil said the program can be especially helpful for rural parts of the province.

ESREN CEO John Beaton said, “having the Connector Program expanded into the Strait Region provides a solid resource for us to attract and retain the skills needed by the various sectors in our region. The growth of our regional economy depends on re-population strategies that include the right kinds of skill sets and this program will be an important piece to us getting there. Weve been working on this since the spring, Beaton said of the timing in bringing the program to the Strait Region.

So far Ive spent the last two months working in the communities, just getting my feet on the ground in those areas and just seeing what the community needs, what organizations have the most needs, and making my introductions through there”, Matt Berrigan, the program’s coordinator expressed. “ESREN has been fantastic in introducing me and the Connector program to our partners.

ESREN - Connector Program

How to get involved

Now that were officially up and running, Im seeking potential Connectors and Connectees. Connectors are business and community leaders, with a wide range of contacts. Connectees are individuals that are underemployed or new to the area. If you or someone you know fits either of these descriptions, please get in touch with me at or visit

Upcoming Networking Opportunities

If youre looking for more networking opportunities, check out the upcoming events below:

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  • November 21, Connect @ X; Bringing students and employers together; dinner networking

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ESREN - Connector Program