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Posted on 10/12/2018

Request For Proposal – Sherbrooke Streetscape Plan

The objective of this project is to improve the public realm along the Main Street/Highway 7 project area though providing for cohesive furnishings and infrastructure for street activities and gathering places; better public/private connections and interface; improved pedestrian movement and experience; improved vehicular movements and parking options to allow for safer interactions between vehicles and pedestrians; increased landscaping elements; and a cohesive aesthetic vision for the project area. It is expected that with these improvements, along with the various other regional tourism projects, increased pedestrian activity (both residents and visitors) will spur further economic activity. The above-mentioned improvements should enhance the public realm and the perception of Sherbrookes Main Street prosperity and safety including increased use of the public realm by private businesses, citizens and visitors as gathering places which spill over into increased customer traffic for local businesses.

For more information on the Request For Proposal – Sherbrooke Streetscape Plan, click here.

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ESREN - Request For Proposal - Sherbrooke Streetscape Plan