You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers

The Connector Program is a simple and effective networking program that helps new residents as well as new local and international graduates tap into the regions business world. We all have a part to play in helping the regions and Nova Scotia thrive and grow. One way to do this is by ensuring we have a talented and qualified workforce.

Below you will find some FAQs that should help to give you a clearer idea of what’s involved. Don’t see your questions there or just want to get in touch? Visit our Connector Team page for contact details.

Q: Am I qualified to be a Connector?

A: Whether you only have a few years of experience or are a C-level executive, we all have the potential to be Connectors.

Q: What’s involved?

A: As a Connector, you will be matched with Connectees looking to grow their network. You’ll meet with them for a half-hour informal chat and discuss things like market demands, industry news, experience, hidden job opportunities, and any other insights you can offer. Connectees often come with questions in hand, so you’ll have plenty to talk about! Afterward, you’ll make an introduction to three people from your professional network that they can reach out to and have similar chats. That’s it! It’s that simple.

Q: Why should I be a Connector?

A: There are many benefits to becoming a Connector. It’s a great way to tap into the hidden talent market. Plus, you’ll have a hand in helping people in your community become a more diverse and welcoming place by providing introductions that may lead to meaningful jobs for qualified people.

Q: How do we meet?

A: The Connector Coordinator will schedule the first meeting between the Connectee and the Connector. After the initial meeting the Connectee will be provided with the Connector’s contact information and will be responsible to follow-up and maintain contact.

Q: Who are the referrals Connectors provide to Connectees?

A: Referrals are anyone within your professional network who would be appropriate to meet with a Conectee. This may be a contact in HR or someone who is looking to fill a job vacancy.

I’d like to become a Connectee

Good call! Breaking into the job market as either a new graduate or new resident can be challenging. By tapping into region’s business network with the help of a trusted Connector, you’ll be well on your way to navigating your career path.

Q: Who can be a Connectee?

A: Connectees are highly qualified recent graduates of a degree or diploma program, new Canadians, and new people to the community.

Q: I’m an international student, can I still take part?

A: Absolutely! You will need to have a valid work permit in Nova Scotia, and have the intention to stay here to work. You’ll also need to have sufficient English or French language skills.

Q: I’m a new Canadian, can I participate?

A: Yes! If you’ve completed a minimum one-year degree, diploma, or certificate program you can become a Connectee. You will also need to have a valid work permit and the intention to stay in Nova Scotia to live and work. New Canadians must have immigrated to Canada within the last five years and have sufficient English or French language skills.

Q: I’m a new graduate from Nova Scotia, can I be a Connectee?

A: Of course! As long as you have completed post-secondary education or training and have less than five years of experience in your field. You will also need to live in Nova Scotia and plan on staying here to work.

Q: Why should I take part?

A: Becoming a Connectee will help you tap into the Region’s business community. You’ll have a chance to build your own professional network, meet new people, and expand your job search prospects.