Connector Program


We are all Connectors

The Connector concept is simple. It is essentially a pay-it-forward concept that taps engaged community and business leaders (Connectors) to help employment-ready local and international graduates and immigrants (Connectees) build professional networks and break into the local labour market.  Through direct referrals, Connectees learn about the local job marker and rapidly grow their business network which increases their likelihood of finding a job in their field and staying in the Eastern Strait of Nova Scotia.

This informal networking session is as simple as having a cup of coffee and a chat, and then offering three referrals to people within their professional network.
Through these meetings, the Connector gains access to a wealth of diverse, pre-qualified talent and Connectees gain insight into their professional network, and connect with career opportunities.

Who can take part?

Connectors are you and me. They’re the person you share a wall with or sit next to at lunch. Whether you only have a few years of experience or are a C-level executive, we all have the potential to be Connectors.

Connectees are recent graduates, new Canadians, boomerangers who have recently returned to Nova Scotia, and skilled workers. They are pre-qualified individuals who are just starting out in our region who just need the right introduction.

This is your chance to grow our region – and your network – to help somebody and their career.

Get Connected

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