Become A Connector


Join the Connector Program and gain access to the global marketplace by getting in touch with this group of skilled workers in our community. By becoming a Connector, you will benefit from:

  • Access to local talent
  • Increased awareness about your organizations and industry
  • Knowing you are opening doors for people and helping them succeed in our Community
  • Making our community a more welcoming and diverse community
  • Reducing your risk when hiring a new employee with pre-qualified candidates
Who are Connectors?

Connectors are you and me. They’re the person you share a wall with or sit next to at lunch. Whether you only have a few years of experience or are a C-level executive, we all have the potential to be Connectors.

Connector’s Role
    • Meet with Connectees
    • Listen, ask questions, and share knowledge of current market demands and the skills required in your field
    • After the meeting, you must provide the Connectee with three other relevant contacts in their industry. Each of the contacts will be asked for three more.
    • Provide feedback to the newcomer through the Connector Program Project Coordinator

Become A Connector

To join the connector program, fill out the below form, and please allow one business day for a reply.

Click Submit below and allow one business day for a reply.

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