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Start Growing Your Professional Network

Through direct referrals, Connectees learn about the local job market and rapidly grow their business network which increases the likelihood of attracting and retaining qualified talent.


Who are Connectee’s?

Connectees are skilled, educated or eager-to-work individuals from a variety of backgrounds with one major thing in common – they are under- or unemployed. Whether you are a resident, immigrating or migrating to the Eastern-Strait area, we want to help you!

  • Local and International Graduates
  • Immigrants and New Residents
  • Skilled Employment ready Workers
  • Boomerangers

Connectee Benefits

By becoming a Connectee, you will:

  • Enhance your networking skills
  • Build a professional network of your own
  • Learn about the local job market
  • Increase your opportunity finding employment


While the Connector Program is not specifically tasked with finding employment for Connectees, it has proven to be an effective method that accelerates the process.


In fact, the Connector Program was started in 2009 by the Halifax Partnership, as a means of helping immigrants enter the job market, but has since expanded to help anyone in the region looking for employment.

Become A Connectee

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